Crossword – “After Passover”

Posted on: April 29th, 2017 by tgregory

By: Yoni Glatt, • Difficulty Level: Medium • Solution at bottom of page

















1. Stern teacher’s cry

7. Solomon, to Rehoboam

11. Org. that might send illegals back to Israel

14. Wood for the Ark

15. The least anti-Semitic country, according to the Anti-Defamation League

16. “___ aint gonna work on Maggie’s farm…” (Bob Dylan)

17. Great play by Bithiah?

19. Amt. of salt that might be sprinkled on challah Friday night

20. Jerusalén ___ (disputed area, to Juan)

21. American island 10,453 miles from Israel

22. John ___ Davies (actor from two Indiana Jones movies)

23. David watched them, once

25. “No”, to Dreyfus

26. Actress Charlotte

27. Where Iron Dome missiles might be stored

29. Capital for Achashverosh

33. Internet phone bks.

36. Corn syrup might not make it kosher for Passover

38. Baal, e.g.

39. Wood sorrels, for short

41. Statistic Moshe would lead the league in?

43. They might make you say “Oy vey!”

44. Aunt to Judah

46. “Some ___ It Hot”

48. Biblical payment?

49. Star in Billy’s 46-Across

51. Isaac had weak ones

53. Noodge

54.  Casspi on a bad night

56. Bubby might fry one

60. Like the Jews crossing the Red Sea

62. Knowledge and Life

64. Jewish girl of song?

65. Console that might get a schlub off the couch

66. Samson’s role on a baseball team?

68. Rainbow curve

69. Shape of one who has had too many sufganiyot, perhaps

70. Aka Jacob

71. “Shalom”

72. Gives a parnasah

73. Adjusts the Talmud



1. MGM’s “___ in Toyland”

2. PayPal money

3. Post-___ (“Achshav!”)

4. Common Caribbean fruit

5. Compete, like Marty Glickman

6. Has some matzo

7. Budget rival

8. Props for Marty Glickman

9. South Florida city, familiarly

10. Pre Tisha B’Av dip

11. Joseph’s lineup locale?

12. Like a yenta

13. Has a bit of kiddush

18. Oil option, but not for Chanukah

22. Aka Rav Shlomo Yitzchaki

24. Selfie, e.g.

26. Homecoming for Ike Davis?

28. Like the status of most Jews in most countries for most of the Middle-Ages

30. Zaftig, with a bit of muscle

31. Actress Sheedy

32. Where BRZE is traded

33. YU or Stern locale

34. Current playoffs org.

35. Aaron might make one for the team?

37. Kol

40. (Jason) Schwartzman’s mom

42. He bullied River in “Stand By Me”

45. (Kosher) Caribou kin

47. Eilat swimmer

50. Some Jews headed north to it in 1492

52. “No Exit” writer Jean-Paul

55. Reads the Torah, in Braille

57. Greek false deity

58. Prepare challah

59. Disraeli and Sandwich

60. Chabibi, to a pirate

61. ___ fairy (like Kudrow on “Friends”)

62. Part of a new year greeting

63. He played Harrison’s son on film

66. Harel Skaat’s genre

67. Juda follower