Health & Beauty section – May 2017

Posted on: April 29th, 2017 by tgregory

Optique: Offering innovative treatment options for Dry Eye Disease

Dry eyes affect 14 percent of the population ages 48-91 in the United States.  The severity of Dry Eye Disease (DED) varies widely, according to various studies. Some people suffer from dry, itchy, burning eyes, while others have eyes that constantly tear. But those with this condition have one thing in common: DED is manageable with new treatment options.

The Dry Eye Center at Optique was formed to address the multiple causes of DED.  

“Dry eyes can be caused by medications, hormonal changes, allergies, or even just natural processes within the eyelids,” said Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino, chairman of the American Optometric Association’s Contact Lens and Cornea Section and founder of the Dry Eye Center. “There are around 25 glands in each eyelid that need to perform at peak efficiency in order to keep the eyes moist.  If these glands malfunction, patients suffer with dry eyes ranging in severity resulting in decreased wear time of their contact lenses to debilitating corneal scarring.”

There are many ways to treat DED – simple mechanical methods of unblocking the glands that patients can perform at home, in-office unblocking , controlling the inflammation associated with DED with eyedrops, and homeopathic and organic methods and dietary changes that allow the body to heal itself.  

 “The key to proper treatment is proper diagnosis and attention paid to the problem,” said Dr. Sonsino. : The Dry Eye Center at Optique was formed to do just this.” 


LiveWell by Blakeford: A retirement community without walls 

LiveWell by Blakeford is the only continuing care retirement community “without walls” in Middle Tennessee.  LiveWell is for healthy, independent older adults who are passionate about living in their own homes for a lifetime.  LiveWell not only covers the cost of the long-term care services you may need but also arranges them and provides the services in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

You have a lot of long-term care options to consider – long-term care insurance, assisted living, home care and nursing homes, to name a few.  Blakeford has taken features of all these options and rolled them into one all-inclusive, high quality offering. LiveWell can either replace long-term care insurance or fill in significant gaps that exist with most long-term care insurance policies.  

As a member of LiveWell, all you do is make one phone call to get the help you need.  Upon joining the program, we immediately assign a personal care coordinator who will work with you to maintain your independence at home. Then, when you need help – whether it is a meal, transportation to a doctor’s appointment or assistance following a short hospital stay – your care coordinator will handle it.  The program covers a comprehensive list of services, and a move to assisted living or a nursing home if necessary.

The best way to learn more about LiveWell By Blakeford is to come to one of our introductory seminars.  For more information, contact us at (615) 665-0694 or


Ess and Fress: Health and personalized cuisine at its finest

If you are looking for a catering company that is both young/old, traditional/contemporary, ethnic/Jewish and whose cuisine is fresh, healthy and personalized, look no further than Ess & Fress. Dvora and Goldie enthusiastically have created a Jewish catering company like no other. Healthy cuisine at its finest. 

Organic and kosher with any and all dietary needs taken into consideration, Ess & Fress, will make your meals and events both comforting and exciting. Their freshly made horseradish is sure to clear your sinuses while their home made matzah ball soup is Jewish penicillin for the soul. All lunches are made daily in house. Any specific menu that you are looking for is possible –they recently catered an affair that was Korean/American fusion with a Jewish twist, for example. They can be as creative and healthy as you want them to be. This summer the Gordon Jewish Community Center is lucky to have them running the pool side snack bar with made to order sandwiches, fresh salads and summer fare.  So remember their name Ess & Free, catering for all events, where nothing is too out of reach. Contact Dvora at  


Novello: A new condo development in West End Park

An exciting new-construction condominium development in the heart of West End Park is nearing completion. Novello, located at 204 Acklen Park Drive, is ideal for buyers looking for healthy and active lifestyles.  The neighborhood is walking distance to Centennial Park, McCabe Park, West End Synagogue, Centennial, Baptist and Vanderbilt hospitals, as well as the dining, shopping, salon opportunities in both Sylvan Park and off West End Avenue.  It is also minutes away from downtown and all that Nashville has to offer in terms of live music, performing arts, museums and sporting events.

Designed with the downsizing buyer in mind; all residences feature quartz, granite, or marble countertops, hardwood floors throughout, Viking appliances, gas cooking, tankless gas water heaters, smart-home wiring, expansive floor-ceiling windows, spacious walk-in closets, and many other luxury appointments.  Residences will also include two parking spaces in a controlled-access garage and a sizeable storage unit.  Additionally, the building features a well-appointed common area lounge and rooftop deck for entertaining, all of which will greatly ease the transition from single-family home to condo living.

Novello features 9 residences, with large 2- and 3-bedroom floor-plans.  Seven residences remain ranging from a 2-bed/2-bath, 1,655-square-foot condo at $650,000 to a 3-bed/3-bath penthouse at $1.15 million. The development is being marketed by the Parks team of Zach Goodyear, Brian Stoltzfus, and Sydney McCann. 

For floorplans and additional information, visit our website at; or call us at 615.673.4252 to schedule a showing.


Creations by David: Get rid of bugs the natural way – with bat houses 

As the weather warms, insects can become a menace to outdoor activities. Mosquitoes can be even more than a menace, spreading diseases such as West Nile Virus and Zika. But spraying your property with chemicals to get rid of these pests can be dangerous to your health and the environment. 

Instead, install a bat house or two! 

Bats are a safe, alternative pest control solution – a single bat can consume 1,000 mosquitoes a night. In addition to mosquitoes, bats eat a variety of insects, including beetles and stinkbugs, that can harm vegetable and flower gardens. Don’t believe the old wives’ tales – bats do not pose a threat to your family, pets, or songbirds. In fact, mother nature’s pest control is endangered in many areas, so providing a safe place for them to roost is another benefit to installing a bat house.  

Creations by David offers three styles of hand-crafted, wooden bat houses. Each design has been extensively researched to be an ideal environment for bats, and provide an attractive addition to your property. Creations by David can also provide guidance on installing a bat house to maximize its attraction of bats. Each bat house can accommodate up to 100 bats, so say good bye to the mosquito spray and let mother nature take care of these summer-time pests. 

For more information visit or call David at (615) 668-2412.


Carrie Mills: Pet portraits create loving memories 

It cannot be overestimated how owning, caring for and loving a pet can increase the health of a person. It has been proven to reduce stress. Walking a dog has health benefits built in. When a person loses a loved pet, it is like losing a member of the family. 

While art can never replace a living being, the gift of a pet portrait can be a comfort and help in the grieving process. For many it brings a feeling of loving memories. Carrie Mills strives to bring the spirit and character to her portraits and has a special way of capturing personality. 

If you or someone you know has lost a pet, please consider a pet portrait by Carrie Mills. Call (615) 210-5044 or visit  


Lana and Franklin Pargh: Supporting clients in buying, selling, maintaining and renovating their homes

Lana and Franklin Pargh, realtors who specialize in helping others live their best life, don’t just focus on buying, selling and investing in homes; they also offer clients support in maintaining and renovating homes to increase their beauty and value and improve clients’ overall health and wellness. 

 “You don’t have to make huge, expensive changes to improve your health and wellness and your home’s beauty,” said Lana, who offered the following tips:

• Freshen with Filtration. Consider installing a water filtration system to prevent you and your family from consuming harmful contaminants. 

• Test for Toxins. Radon, for example, is a natural gas that can cause lung cancer. 

• Bring in Blooms. Plant an indoor or outdoor herb garden or incorporate fresh flowers to beautify and invigorate your space and mood.

• Declutter your Den. Begin with one area, by dividing the clutter into items to keep, give away or discard. Donate anything that you don’t use or admire.

• Enjoy the Elements. Whether you are gardening, just reading a book on cozy outdoor furniture, or taking a walk in your neighborhood, just being with nature can improve your overall well-being. 

“If you think it’s time for a bigger change, such as buying or selling your home or investing in real estate, please give us a call,” said Franklin. “We’d love to use our 16 years of experience in real estate and architecture to help you achieve your goals.”

Contact Franklin and Lana at (615) 351-7333 or or


Nashville Psych: Helping you maintain mental health and wellness 

 “Self-care is what it sounds like,” says Dan Goldstein, PhD, a licensed psychologist and owner of Nashville Psych. “It’s caring for yourself in a way that relieves stress and to some degree helps you achieve balance in your life. Many individuals neglect their own needs at the expense of their physical and mental health.” 

Dr. Goldstein offers the following tips to help you engage in self-care to improve mental health:

1. Prioritize sleep. Good sleep hygiene can help prevent and improve symptoms of anxiety, depression other issues.  

2. Get moving. While exercising daily may not be possible, aim for at least three days a week. It can have a profound impact on your mental health, improve your memory and boost your mood. 

3. Feed your brain. Eating a well-balanced diet helps support a balanced mood.   

4. Connect with Nature. A recent Stanford study found that walking in nature can help reduce depression.    

5. Get social (but not on your smart phone). Spending time with friends and connecting with others in your community can reduce stress, improve self-confidence and mood, and increase your sense of belonging and purpose.

6. Schedule peace and quiet. Give yourself some time to be alone. Enjoy a good book or another activity that relaxes you. Meditation is also a great way to improve overall health and wellness.    

If you are struggling to maintain good self-care practices or if you would like support in finding balance in your life, treat yourself to some therapy. Dr. Goldstein can be contacted at or (615) 955-0322.  


Robins Insurance: Providing a range of individual benefits

Individual benefits represent an important component of what Robins Insurance Agency provides.  This includes individual health care for those over 65 as a Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage, which includes basic Medicare coverage and a necessary supplement all as one.  This plan includes drug cards as well, which eliminates the necessity of have three plans at once.

Robins Insurance also provides Long term care coverage, an important coverage recommended for those 50 or older that takes care of of nursing home stays and rehabilitation at home from accidents and illness. 

We represent several insurance carriers for group major medical for firms with three or more employees.

We provide a large variety of life insurance plans from annual renewable term to universal life to group life for companies as well.  

Travel accident insurance is available for trip cancellation and medical supplement coverage for domestic and foreign travel.  This could include study abroad and vacations anywhere in the world.

Contact Robins Insurance Agency Inc., at (615) 665-9200 or