Crossword – “Making Waves”

Posted on: June 29th, 2017 by tgregory

By: Yoni Glatt, • Difficulty Level: Easy • Solution at bottom of page

















1. Kudrow and Loeb

6. Like Yoni Netanyahu or Judah Maccabee

11. “The Good Wife” airer

14. First of a doubled month

15. Menachem with the alias Rabbi Israel Sassover

16. Like Israel in the Summer

17. 1999 Tim Allen hit

19. “Barefoot Contessa” chef Garten

20. Anti- Israel org.

21. Letters many consider inappropriate for the Western Wall?

22. Namesakes of the first lady

23. Pure tref

26. Capone and Michaels

28. Place for David’s sword

30. Egypt to Israel, in 1948

32. Magen David Adom letters

35. Some settings on Braff’s “Scrubs”, for short

36. Jewish testimonials

37. Night prayer

39. Rabbinic title

42. Ya___ (name in Hebrew meaning “precious”)

43. With the start or end of 17 & 65-Across and 11 & 25-Down, she’s making waves as Wonder Woman

44. Davidson of “Saturday Night Live”

45. Portman won this award one for “Black Swan”

46. Chaverim, like Juan and Julio

47. Marty Feldman in “Young Frankenstein”

48. Eilat slitherer

50. Kushner’s political party (now): Abbr.

51. Cholent ingredients

52. Jewish basketball great Omri

55. Leah or Sarah, e.g.

57. Harper or Stan

58. Brother of Cain

59. ___-wee Herman

62. Drink in Maaleh?

64. Kirk’s diary

65. Those who might motivate IDF soldiers

70. Actress Green of “Casino Royale”

71. Grace’s last name on “Will & Grace”

72. Bombeck and Franklin

73. ___ Air (neighborhood of the Stephen Wise Temple)

74. Work by King David

75. Lior Raz’s hit Israeli TV show


1. Day 33 in the Omer

2. ___ Crown Jewish Academy

3. Mineo of “Exodus”

4. Many a Ramallah resident

5. War that gave Israel back the Old City

6. 1-Down activity activity

7. Subscribe to this publication for another year

8. Like fine 11-Across

9. They aren’t given to Israelis in some Arab countries

10. Sinus ent

11. Shot option when saying “L’chaim!”

12. Lisa of “The Cosby Show”

13. The Irgun might have had a secret one of weapons

18. CK1 alternative

22. Ending for “puppet” (e.g. Shari Lewis)

23. Glances (over the mechitza)

24. Country where Modi is in

25. Star in “A Touch of Class” and “The Goldbergs”

27. It’s breathed on the Mediterranean

29. Lane for those carpooling to YU

31. NYC subway inits. or yeshiva

33. Madonna’s nickname

34. Golani members

37. “Ben-Hur” studio

38. “Where ___ At” (Beck hit)

40. What one might do on Yom Kippur

41. Line in the Bible

44. Apple ___ (Rosh Hashana dessert, perhaps)

46. Austrian peak

49. Subj. for Israeli’s who move to the US

51. Faith

52. Biblical spy with Joshua

53. Where some look for Heaven?

54. They might have a siddur or kosher app

56. Iconic role for Harrison

60. Ari___ (female name in Hebrew)

61. Knievel who made people say “Oh my G-d!”

63. Book before Nehemiah

65. Year many students spend in Israel

66. Koufax had an incredible one

67. Bird in a land where Hannukah is in the Summer

68. “Magniv!” (In the 1960’s)

69. Govt. agency that has your number