Crossword – Celebrity Mitzvot

Posted on: August 1st, 2017 by tgregory

By Yoni Glatt, • Difficulty Level: Medium • Solution at bottom of page

















1. Aaron’s eldest

6. Ike Davis’ first New York team

10. Talking shrub, once

14. Barbera’s partner

15. Co-star to Harrison and Carrie in 1977

16. Fitzgerald who covered 44-Down

17. Actor William’s clothing issue?

20. Like some Neil Gaiman work

21. Israel: Jerusalem :: Canada: ___

22. Have 45-Down

25. Shemesh, in Mexico

26. Deliver a great set, like Elayne Boosler

27. TV host Orman’s decorated hut?

30. Miami hotel, with Eden

33. The ___ Banquet (1883 infamous event)

34. El Al flights soar through it

35. Title for Freud before Doctor

36. Bagel feature

37. Rabbi Sacks and George Byron, e.g.

39. Uncle of Judah

40. How the second word of “Mrs. Robinson” would be said in a Cockney accent

41. J. Hozman Airport abbr.

42. Caribbean country that recognized Israel in 1949

43. Shofar source

44. TV host Lauer’s simple food?

47. Parshat Ki ___

48. It was true for David when he killed Goliath

49. “___ thou shalt lose for me one drop of blood” (“Merchant of Venice”)

50. She ended the Soup Nazi’s reign

53. “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh” singer Sherman

55. Fixture on actress Debra’s doorway?

60. Einstein was good at it

61. Jyn or Galen in the Chris Weitz penned “Star Wars: Rogue One”

62. Rare striped kosher animal

63. Solo for Beverly Sills

64. Kevin who advises Louis-Dreyfus on “Veep”

65. Be’er Sheva is in it



1. North American students org. for those with a lot of chochmas

2. Spa sound (“Ayzeh yofi”)

3. It connects most claimed descendants of Aaron

4. Buy in for Eli Elezra

5. Bayer who plays a Bar Mitzvah boy on “SNL”

6. Hirsch’s “Taxi” co-star Henner

7. “Give me children, or ___ I die” (Gen. 30:1)

8. Rob Gronkowski and Randy Grossman: Abbr.

9. Maimonides and Nachmonides, e.g.

10. One of Bea’s “Golden Girls” co-stars

11. Tefillin area bone

12. Knocked off, in a biblical way

13. Late great singer Ofra

18. (False) god of love

19. Second word in a bracha

22. Notable Jewish queen of a foreign land

23. Shirley’s Oscar-winning role in Brooks’ “Terms of Endearment”

24. B’___ Elokim

26. ___ Row, band heavily influenced by Kiss

28. Zilch

29. Goldsmith’s measure

30. Adjust, like a pair of tefillin

31. Rabbi Sacks is considered a great one

32. Kosherica vacation offering

35. It can be intense in 65-Across

37. Unlike chametz

38. Preminger who made “Exodus”

42. Birchat follower following a meal

44. “The ___ Love” (Gershwin classic)

45. Lox source

46. Distance not normally used in Israel

47. ___ B’Av

50. First name behind “The New Colossus”

51. Producer Norman

52. Bartenura ___ Spumante

53. Part of NAJC or Nasdaq: Abbr.

54. Zap (a way to warm up falafel)

56. “Despicable Me 3” hero

57. Zig’s partner

58. Animal in a 2011 James Franco hit

59. Target of the Gamorra protein being studied at Hebrew U.