Crossword – Hedge Your Bets

Posted on: August 31st, 2017 by tgregory

By Yoni Glatt, 

Difficulty Level: Challenging • Solution at bottom of page

Note from Yoni:

This is a Challenging rebus puzzle, which means that in some of the boxes there is meant to be an image, in this case the Hebrew letter Bet. 

















1. Dances like Davis Jr.

5. One with one sign of kashrut

9. Larry, Moe, and Curly, e.g.

14. “Why should ___ you?”

15. Contemporary of Isaiah

16. Like Efron

17. Like one needing a new parnasah source

19. Senator of Watergate fame

20. Mauna ___

21. Jewish slaves might have had holes put into them

23. Name derived from Adam’s wife

24. She’s “The Divine Miss M”

28. Avner and Amichai

30. Way more than 5777 years

31. Chills and fever

33. Best (wines)

34. Trent who criticized Carter over the Palestinians

36. Makes a rabbi

38. Ice cream alternative

40. “The L-rd shall ___ to me another son” (Gen. 30:24)

41. “Of course!”

44. Like Primo Levy

47. Aussie actress Stone

49. Home for women who are almost certainly not Jewish

52. Praying to him wont result in a shiduch

54. ___ Lanka

55. It was satirized in Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove”

57. Event that might be followed by a l’chaim

59. Super time?: Abbr.

60. One going to MTA or YULA

62. Shesh, to a 44-Across

63. “…___ like to call it…”

65. Words that might be followed by “Ok 

bro, yer on!”…or how to solve this puzzle

70. Like Samson’s hair, for most of his life

71. Lady Liberty’s Lazarus

72. A good girl’s name?

73. Little laugh

74. Red and White

75. Kibbutz near Kiryat Shmona



1. Lhasa’s land

2. Div. for Angels

3. Stick one’s head through the shul door, e.g.

4. Ahab might have ridden one in battle

5. 1984 novel about the life of Ishmael (with “The”)

6. “Ani ohev”, in Latin

7. Garment for a High Priest

8. Many an Ephron work

9. Israel Security Agency

10. Capek’s 1920 sci-fi play with the character Jacob Berman

11. Make like Jordan in 1967

12. Rabbi Eiger and writer Goldsman

13. Solomon, e.g.

18. Mate of Broderick’s “Simba”

22. Get a mortgage adjustment from Leumi, briefly

24. Nut that sounds like the house of G-d?

25. Sacrificial sounds?

26. Many Jack Kirby creations had an alter one

27. Like a kibbutz, often

29. Take back lashon hara, in a way

32. Carrie Fisher’s father

35. Like Eichmann in Israel in 1961

37. It comes thirteenth, occasionally

39. Notable Bea Arthur co-star

42. Redeem for some kesef

43. She was worshipped in Greece

45. Jolson and a king

46. Easter preceder

48. “___ Abner”

49. Make like Marcel Marceau

50. Damon character first brought to the screen by Doug Liman

51. It could make a kittel look like new

53. His massive homerun totals weren’t exactly kosher

56. Jose of Wilpon’s Mets

58. Dwellings for Jews 3300 years ago

61. Where thousands of Jews were brought after the Temple fell

64. Basketballer Bird

66. Meryl played her Jewish therapist in “Prime”

67. “…and the bush ___ not consumed” (Ex. 3:2)

68. Rabbi Weiss of note

69. Zionist youth movement