Community Relations Committee organizes for action

Posted on: October 31st, 2017 by tgregory

By Ron Galbraith

Chair of CRC


Ron Galbraith

Thanks to a long list of names—Venick, Saks, Poster, Shelton, Wolf and Perlen to name just a few from the last decade—the Community Relations Committee (CRC) of our Jewish Federation has consistently brought awareness, education, outreach and opportunities for involvement to our greater community. When I look around the current CRC table, we have a wealth of talent and commitment, including six young Jewish leaders recently added. 

CRC’s mission remains focused on three primary areas: Israel advocacy, community outreach and social action. As needed, your CRC also deals with incidents of anti-Semitism that might —either directly or indirectly—impact our community. With such a mission, we could easily agree: There is so much to do!

So, we have organized to do more and to involve even more of our CRC membership talent in the process. Rather than one large CRC meeting each month to review issues, programs and opportunities, we have organized into five CRC subcommittees. As the graphic below suggests, three subcommittees directly reflect our mission and are directly responsible to provide leadership for our programs and initiatives. Two additional subcommittees will also help us organize for action: the Rapid Response subcommittee is responsible for reviewing and recommending responses to exigent situations as they might occur, and the Talent/Nominating subcommittee will identify and orient additional members of our community for work within the CRC structure.

The CRC Coordinating Committee—composed of all the subcommittee chairs, our CRC director and the Board-appointed volunteer chair—will work to coordinate suggested programs, support the work and the recommendations of the various subcommittees and communicate the initiatives of the various working groups. Essentially, the real work gets done at the subcommittee level with more CRC members and more of you and your talent engaged if you should choose to become involved in this new structure.

Here are the CRC members leading this new organizational structure:

• Israel Advocacy 

– Arthur Perlen, co-chair 

– Arielle Doochin, co-chair

• Community Outreach/Engagement

– Mary Shelton, co-chair

– Avi Spielman, co-chair

• Social Action/Involvement

– Teena Cohen, co-chair

– Lindsay Goldstein, co-chair

• Rapid Response

– Irwin Venick, co-chair

– Joshua Segall, co-chair

• Talent/Nominating

– Avi Poster

– Daniel Reches

This new design for our Community Relations Committee should help us fulfill our mission with greater focus and involve more members of our community in this important work. Anyone actively participating in a subcommittee is part of our Federation’s CRC. This new organizational structure allows for quick response when needed, innovative programming and potentially a greater presence in our community.

And now—it is your turn! Contact Avi Poster,, or Daniel Reches,, of the Talent/Nominating subcommittee, to select where you would like to contribute to the work of your Federation Community Relations Committee. •