Crossword – The Empires Strike

Posted on: November 30th, 2017 by tgregory

By: Yoni Glatt, • Difficulty Level: Medium • Solution at bottom of page

















1. Name of a star in “10” or “The Ten Commandments”

6. Yam ___

9. Cohn and Jacobs

14. Glazer of “Broad City”

15. “Borei ___ hagefen”

16. Reading the Torah with no mistakes, e.g.

17. They conquered the Kingdom of Israel

19. Look closely and you can see the glass between this snake and Harrison Ford in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

20. Flamethrower fuel

21. Herzl or Sinai

23. ___ ayin hara

24. End of Proverbs?

25. Empire that conquered Judah (and 17-Across)

29. Pais or The Boston Garden

31. El Al competitor, once

32. They allowed the Jews to rebuild the Temple

35. Husband of Sarai

39. Pasta option

40. Famous ballerina (or a dessert named after her)

42. Loeb and Bonet

43. Empire the Maccabees fought

44. Casual attire

46. They might have a siddur or kosher app

47. Ryan Braun and Ted Williams, for two: Abbr.

50. Empire that destroyed the Second Temple

52. “Danny and the Dinosaur” author Hoff

55. Aaron’s son and successor as high priest

58. Candy dish raider

61. Video’s counterpart

62. Empire that took control of the Holy Land after 50-Across

65. Famous Howard

66. Letters that might be forgiven during the jubilee year

67. Filled pastry shells

68. To the point

69. Site and show that’s big on lashon hara

70. Torah and exam



1. 12-Down did not like her

2. Disney’s Queen of Arendelle, and others

3. Talks like Harvey Fierstein

4. Irish singer who became a star under Geffen records

5. First name in Communism

6. Carmel Forest, for one

7. Where Jewish remains should not be put?

8. Suspicious

9. Zapped (the cold kugel)

10. Major simcha

11. Chasidic title

12. Rhea Perlman’s “Cheers” role

13. Killed, like Goliath

18. Words from one needing a restful Shabbat

22. El Al reading: Abbr.

26. Screen legend who married comic legend Mel

27. Some YU degs.

28. What the city of Shechem is called today

29. Words after “Save me” or “Have”

30. Prepare to have bread

32. Seth Rogan to James Franco, e.g.

33. High Priest with disappointing sons

34. Some rural rtes. in the Negev

36. The Eden ___ (hotel)

37. Jewish name or a video file

38. Neuman’s magazine

40. Salt-N-___

41. Actress Masterson of “The Walking Dead” (with a name similar to 14-Across)

43. Card for visiting Israel?

45. Period for each of the empires in this puzzle

47. “…from the ___ even to the greatest” (Jer. 42:8)

48. Champagne glass

49. Exodus commemoration

51. Comet’s path

52. Notable Shabbat of “song”

53. She put the “she” in yeshiva, according to Homer Simpson

54. ___ up (make like 53-Across, essentially)

56. Lays out (like cloths in Eilat)

57. An eruv creates one, simply

59. “And we held ___ each other like brother to brother.” (Billy Joel)

60. David has a famous one

63. ___HaZikaron

64. Ancient Jewish coin